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Nichole Healer, Spiritual Guide and Reiki Master Teacher

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Nichole is a Usui Reiki Master teacher, and is blessed with over a decade of teachings in the healing arts. She is humbly honoured to walk with you and shine the light as you remember who you are, why you came here, and learn how to stand in your own power and purpose.

Through the ancient wisdoms of Usui, Holy Fire®, Karuna Reiki®  and Astronomy combined with intuitive mediumship, psychology, past life reflection and Mahatma Energy Activations- Nichole is here to aid you in a unique experience of soul evolution.

Together you will release negative patterns and stuck energy, you will break generational and past life cycles. With Nichole's help, you will access information from your Akashic Records,  Ascended Masters, guides and your higher self to find your own unique light and divine union within.

With these healings and activations you will see your clear path, so you can walk in your purpose and RISE as the sacred being that you are!

Please check out Nichole's one of a kind Reiki courses at her website  She provides exceptional weekend experiences, providing lifetimes of knowledge and experience in Reiki and spiritual development that combine the wisdoms of Usui, Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® plus so much more!

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